Mission: Green’s 2017 Earth Day celebration was a day to remember and an historic day for the City of Westland!!!

The celebration started with the presentation of three Eco-Awards to deserving citizens and companies for their efforts at making the City of Westland a greener place to live. work and play.  The first recipient was DTE Energy for their continued work with the City of Westland on the LED street light conversion program.  Phase I. was completed March 2nd, 2015, and included the conversion of 166 Mercury Vapor (MV) street light fixtures to LED on Wayne Rd. between Glenwood and Parkgrove. Total cost to city $29,688, annual savings $23, 136, payback time 1.2 years.  Phase II was completed August. 3rd. 2015, an included the conversion of 230 (MV) street light fixtures to LED on major roads throughout the city. Total cost to city $68,996 annual savings $38,516, payback time 1.8 years.  Phase III was completed June 6th. 2016, and included the conversion of 2,466 (MV) street light fixtures to LED on neighborhood streets throughout the city. Total cost to city $435,173, annual savings $260,364, payback time 1.7 years.  The total project cost ( all 3 phase ) equaled $533,857, was funded thru the Metro Act fund. Pay back time for all three phases is approximately 1.6 years.  The second recipient was Westland’s own State representative Robert Kosowski.  he was presented the award by Mayor Wild for his work at securing a $150,000 grant from the Department of Natural Resources for the JBCVC recreation complex which included a new pavilion, full-sized basketball court and two baseball fields.  HE also secured a $100,000 grant from the Michigan Economic Development corporation for the Lincoln Filed recreation complex which will include a walking path and pavilion. Completion of this project will be in September of 2017.  The third recipient was David Miler, CEO of Duo-Gard, the company that provided the state-of-the-art electrical vehicle charging station here at our new City Hall.   Thank you to this year’s Mission:Green Eco-Award recipients for all you do for the city of Westland’s future.




The next portion of the celebration was the introduction of a brand new Mission: Green initiative, a new Street Tree Replacement Program designed to combat the devastation created within the City’s street tree population by the recent Emerald Ash Borer plague. Under this new initiative, City of Westland residents will be offered the ability to purchase one new street tree for the nominal price of $95.00.  This price includes a choice of one of a few varieties of trees, including a Bradford Pear, Autumn Blaze Maple, Red Sunset Maple, etc.  Trees will be standard landscape stock at a size of two inches (2″) in diameter and will be approximately 15 feet tall.  The $95.00 price includes installation of the tree along with a one year warranty.  The tree, its installation and warranty will be provided by the contractor chosen through the bid process by the Westland City Council and will be subsidized by the City’s Tree Fund, money obtained through property development process, which is then required to be planted on public property.  Priority will be given to those residents that lost street trees due to the Emerald Ash Borer plague.  Additional details regarding the program’s implementation will be forthcoming. If you have any further questions please contact the Building and Planning Department at the number listed above.   Any citizen may go to the City of Westland’s website, and sign up today.

The last phase of the 2017 Earth Day Celebration was the burying of the new City of Westland time capsule to be opened in 2066.     Mayor Wild was joined by many dignitaries and Westland residents, including the Westland Historic Commission and its President, Jeff Koslowski for this historic occasion.  As part of the City’s 50 year Anniversary celebrations, the old Time Capsule buried in 1966 was unearthed and its contents put on display at City Hall.  Many people and groups contributed many items for the new Time Capsule set to be open in the year 2066.



At the 2016 Earth Day Celebration Mayor Wild announced the City’s involvement in a new program, the Mayor’s Monarch Pledge, created to involve local municipalities such as Westland as leaders in the creation of Monarch Butterfly habitat. The monarch butterfly is an American icon that has captured the imagination of millions of Americans.  Due to loss of habitat, their numbers are dwindling.  Mayor Wild joined the Pledge, has worked with local agencies and community gardens to create additional Monarch habitat. and so can you.

The Pledge requires creation of butterfly gardens on City property.  Two new gardens have been created; one at the Jefferson Barns Community Vitality Center (the City of Westland Monarch Butterfly Refuge) and the other at the Westland Senior Center.

Here is the link to a flyer that outlines the things that you can do at your home or business to create additional Monarch butterfly gardens to bring their numbers back.  New Flyer  Creating an education program including this flyer which will be printed and distributed at future City events such Blues, Brews and BBQ, the Westland Farmer’s Market, Mayor Wild’s Community Gatherings and many other events. The flyer will also be made available at all City buildings to pass along the word to create Monarch habitat.

Creating a proclamation is one of the items that a City can do for the Pledge.  Here is a link to the Mayor’s Monarch Pledge Proclamation that Mayor Wild read at the 2016 Earth Day Celebration.  Monarch Pledge Proclamation

Other action items that have been include:

Working with and educating local community gardens to create Monarch Butterfly habitat and to add milkweed to these community gardens.  Mission: Green was fortunate enough to be able to procure 32 milkweeds plants from the Monarch Watch – University of Kansas to distribute to the community gardens and new butterfly gardens in the City.  They were distributed on May 5, 2106 to the DTE Energy Community Garden, the Norwayne Community Garden, the City of Westland Monarch Butterfly Refuge at the JBCVC and the Butterfly Garden at the City of Westland Frienship Senior Center.


Free Milkweed DTE


Free Milkweed Norwayne Laura (1) Free Milkweed DTE Community Garden Free Milkweed Norwayne Community Garden Free Milkweed Jefferson Barnes Free Milkweed Senior Center




















Thanks community and butterfly gardeners for becoming part of the City of Westland Mayor’s Monarch Pledge!!!  There is more to come.





Spring is here and its cleaning time!!   Like many others I’m guessing you have or are going to clean out that garage or basement.  When this happens, we usually find old chemicals or fluids, batteries or other items that are deemed hazardous waste.  So what do you do with them?  Don’t throw them out in the trash.  That contaminates the landfill.  Instead…

On Saturday, August 13, 2016 from 8:00 am – 2:00 pm The Wayne County department of Public Service will be sponsoring the 2016 Hazardous Waste Collection and Electronics Recycling event.  It will be held at the Westland Shopping Center behind JC Penney as it has in the past. For more information regarding acceptable items please contact the Wayne County Department of Public Services at (734) 326-3936.

Items that are being collected include, floor wax, floor care products, carpet cleaner, furniture polish, bathroom cleaners, stain removers, household paints stains and dyes, glues, auto batteries, mercury thermometers, fluorescent bulbs, fertilizers and pesticides, anti-freeze, motor oil, gasoline, cellphones, TV’s, computer monitors and printers.


Another successful event was held.  Over 500 vehicles were served between 8:00 am and 2:00 pm. The collection filled and disposed of twenty, 30 yard, one, 60 yard and two 80 yard roll-off dumpsters of hazardous materials.

Great Job Westland residents!!!


Earth Day 2016

Earth Day


Mayor William R. Wild and the City of Westland held another successful event for Earth Day in 2016 at the newly renovated Jefferson Barns Community Vitality Center.   The event began with the presentation of the new ball diamonds at the JBCVC.  Mayor Wild was introduced by Parks and Recreation Director John Adams who unveiled the new design for the ball fields.  Mayor Wild outlined the plans for the new improvements and introduced State Representative Robert Kosowski who secured a $175,000 Federal Grant for the City of Westland for the park improvements.  The ball field presentation was followed up with a groundbreaking for these wonderful improvements designed to provide open space and recreation amenities for the Norwayne Community.

Earth Day 1  (1)


The Earth Day celebration continued with the introduction by Mayor Wild of the City’s involvement in the Mayor’s Monarch Pledge program. The Mayor highlighted the goal of the Mayor’s Monarch Pledge which is to create habitat for the dwindling populations of the Monarch Butterfly.  The Mayor read a Proclamation prepared by the City of Westland formally entering the City into the pledge.  The Mayor then, with the help of Annette Kutnick and Dianne Richards (volunteers at the Wayne Metro Agency) revealed the plans for the new Butterfly Garden in the courtyard of the JBCVC.   Mayor Wild presented the coveted Mission Green: Eco Award to these two ladies along with the CEO of Wayne Metro Agency for their efforts at creating this wonderful garden.    Earth Day 1  (7)

The Mayor next outlined current recycling efforts reminded the citizens of Norwayne of their ability to obtain City of Westland blue recycling bins which are utilized for single-stream recycling.  Mayor Wild also highlighted a new recycling program, Simple Recycling, which provide bags curbside for collection of clothing, shoes and small household items.  The Mayor presented the Mission: green Eco-Award to Scott Brady of Simple recycling for his partnership with the City of Westland. Earth Day 1  (4)

Mayor Wild next announced an upcoming program to the City of Westland.  As part of his initiatives at sprucing up Westland neighborhoods the Mayor announced that he would be putting together a plan for right-of-way tree replacement as a result of the devastating loss of trees due to the Emerald Ash-Borer plague.  he indicated that future announcements will be made about this program.


The last presentation of this Earth Day Celebration 2016 was a special Mission: Green Eco-Award presented to Rick Gowan, Deputy Director of the Community Development and Housing Program for his efforts at recycling products from various City buildings, including the gym floor from the old Bailey Center building for use in the remodeling and update of the JBCVC.  Earth Day 1  (6)

To end the day’s program Mayor Wild invited all of the attendees to the JBCVC library for refreshments provided by the Norwayne Community Citizens Council and to view the new butterfly garden in the library .

Earth Day 1  (3)Earth Day 1  (2)











Thanks everyone for making this such a special Earth Day.  Thanks to all those who strive so hard at making our All American City a greener place to live work and play!!!


clothing box 2016 2


After a short respite, the City of Westland Clothing & Shoes recycling program is back!!!

You will find these familiar looking Blue Boxes at various locations throughout the City.  Gently used clothing and shoes may be deposited in these bins which are collected regularly.  The City of Westland has contracted with a company called Midwest Recycling, who collects the clothing and recycles it.  A portion of the proceeds is returned to the City of Westland.

You may call the number located on the boxes if you have any questions or concerns or if you notice a bin is full (there is a number located on the front of each bin to identify each).

Just another way that the citizens of Westland can help make Westland a greener place to live, work and play.