Curbside Recycling of Clothing and Small Household Goods Has Come to Westland.

Simple recycling pic

Mayor William R Wild and the Westland City Council have added a new recycling program to enhance Mayor Wild’s Mission:Green initiative. At its first meeting in September 2015, the Westland City Council approved a four-year contract with Simple Recycling, which will provide a free collection service weekly. The City will receive $20 per ton of materials collected by Simple Recycling. Westland has had bi-weekly curbside recycling of plastics, paper and glass for several years. Like the existing recycling programs, the Simple Recycling collection is aimed at reducing the amount of material that ends up in landfills.

Simple Recycling will provide residents large green bags for the recyclable items and leave a new bag when a collection is made from the curb. The items must be clean and dry for collection. The household items — small furniture and appliances like toasters, microwave ovens and coffee makers, computers and electronics and kitchen items like pots, pans, dishes and silverware — have to be something one person can carry to the curb. If something is not accepted, the item will be left behind with a tag explaining that.

Simple Recycling will be educating residents about the program through letters and packets of information with recycling tags and bags to place at the curb. A third mailer is designed to explain the pickup schedule.

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