Are you an owner of a FlexFuel vehicle?  If you are then you are trying to make a difference for our environment, but you also know how hard it is to locate a convenient service station that provides E-85 fuel near your Westland home.  We are proud to announce that there are now three services station in the City of Westland provide E-85 gas to Westland residents.  They include the Mobil station at the southeast corner of Ford Road and Hix Road, the Sunoco station at the northwest corner of Palmer and Merriman roads and the BP station at  the northeast corner of Warren road and Hix Road.  They all have an E-85 pump for those that utilize that type of fuel in their vehicle.  The first station to provide E-85 within the city’s boundaries is the Sunoco station at the northwest corner of Merriman Road and Palmer Road.  I’m sure there is more to follow.  Thank you to all three station owners  for providing this service to our sustainabale community.

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