def.“sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Mission:Green continues to evolve as a result of the input and direction provided by the many, many people engaged in efforts to make Westland a greener and more sustainable community.  Citizens, business leaders, community leaders and elected officials have all focused their efforts on making sure that we develop our community with a focus on balancing  environmental, social and economic demands – the “three pillars” of sustainability.

Passport to a Healthy City


There are many ways that Westland citizens can work toward a sustainable future for our community.  One of the more exciting ways is to become a healthy city; or in the case of Mayor Wild’s new program, Passport to a Healthy City,  perhaps the healthiest City in America.

This new campaign is designed to promote healthy, active lifestyles for all of Westland’s residents through the development of fun, convenient programs created from a strong public/private partnership.
Here’s the challenge, Obtain a Passport to a Healthy City.  Complete a program, attend an event or participate in an eligible activity which are available online at Once you have completed a program or activity get your passport stamped.  Try to fill your passport and… have fun. Earn prizes, discounts and coupon and then… do it all over again.
Let’s all work together for a healthier Westland and let’s make Westland the Healthiest City in America.


Alternative Energy

One of the important cornerstones of sustainability is the encouragement and use of alternative energy forms.  To that end, the City of Westland has recently adopted both a Solar Ordinance and a Final Draft Wind Turbine Ordinanceto encourage the use of alternative energy forms by residential, commercial, industrial and institutional uses.  Click on either of the titles above to view these ordinances.  Join Westland in utilizing these alternative forms of energy to provide Westland a more sustainable future.


 solar panel picWind Turbine











Sustainable Development through PUD’s

One way a City like Westland can ensure a more sustainable future is by guiding development toward a more sustainable end; one that takes into account natural features and open space while providing for a mixed-use development that offers multiple benefits to those that live, work and play in and around a new development in Westland.   This is accomplished through the use of a PUD or Planned Unit Developement Ordinance .  The City of Westland has such regulations within our Zoning Ordinance which allows the City to design responsible and suitable developments taking into account the future needs of our City.