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Earth Day 2016

Earth Day


Mayor William R. Wild and the City of Westland held another successful event for Earth Day in 2016 at the newly renovated Jefferson Barns Community Vitality Center.   The event began with the presentation of the new ball diamonds at the JBCVC.  Mayor Wild was introduced by Parks and Recreation Director John Adams who unveiled the new design for the ball fields.  Mayor Wild outlined the plans for the new improvements and introduced State Representative Robert Kosowski who secured a $175,000 Federal Grant for the City of Westland for the park improvements.  The ball field presentation was followed up with a groundbreaking for these wonderful improvements designed to provide open space and recreation amenities for the Norwayne Community.

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The Earth Day celebration continued with the introduction by Mayor Wild of the City’s involvement in the Mayor’s Monarch Pledge program. The Mayor highlighted the goal of the Mayor’s Monarch Pledge which is to create habitat for the dwindling populations of the Monarch Butterfly.  The Mayor read a Proclamation prepared by the City of Westland formally entering the City into the pledge.  The Mayor then, with the help of Annette Kutnick and Dianne Richards (volunteers at the Wayne Metro Agency) revealed the plans for the new Butterfly Garden in the courtyard of the JBCVC.   Mayor Wild presented the coveted Mission Green: Eco Award to these two ladies along with the CEO of Wayne Metro Agency for their efforts at creating this wonderful garden.    Earth Day 1  (7)

The Mayor next outlined current recycling efforts reminded the citizens of Norwayne of their ability to obtain City of Westland blue recycling bins which are utilized for single-stream recycling.  Mayor Wild also highlighted a new recycling program, Simple Recycling, which provide bags curbside for collection of clothing, shoes and small household items.  The Mayor presented the Mission: green Eco-Award to Scott Brady of Simple recycling for his partnership with the City of Westland. Earth Day 1  (4)

Mayor Wild next announced an upcoming program to the City of Westland.  As part of his initiatives at sprucing up Westland neighborhoods the Mayor announced that he would be putting together a plan for right-of-way tree replacement as a result of the devastating loss of trees due to the Emerald Ash-Borer plague.  he indicated that future announcements will be made about this program.


The last presentation of this Earth Day Celebration 2016 was a special Mission: Green Eco-Award presented to Rick Gowan, Deputy Director of the Community Development and Housing Program for his efforts at recycling products from various City buildings, including the gym floor from the old Bailey Center building for use in the remodeling and update of the JBCVC.  Earth Day 1  (6)

To end the day’s program Mayor Wild invited all of the attendees to the JBCVC library for refreshments provided by the Norwayne Community Citizens Council and to view the new butterfly garden in the library .

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Thanks everyone for making this such a special Earth Day.  Thanks to all those who strive so hard at making our All American City a greener place to live work and play!!!


Earth Day 2015

2015 Elliot

Mayor William R. Wild and the City of Westland held another successful event for Earth Day in 2015.   He was joined by Principal Andrea Griffin and the 16 “Tree Club” students recognized for their outstanding achievement in school who planted trees at Elliot Elementary school in honor of Earth Day 2015. Mayor Wild and the kids from Elliot were joined by a number of people including Mr. Paul Ruthenburg of Midwestern Sanitation who graciously donated a tree for planting.   Recognized for their achievements in making Westland a greener place to live work and play were this year’s recipients of the coveted Mission:Green Eco-Award; Principal Andrea Griffin and the Tree Club Students of Elliot Elementary, Paul Ruthenberg of Midwestern Sanitation and Miss Jamie Brotchner who was recognized for her unselfish recycling efforts at the local Starbucks. Thanks everyone for making this cold day a warm Earth Day celebration.


What a wonderful day we had  for Westland to celebrate Earth Day 2014

earth Day 2014

Along with a number of residents and Mission: Green members, Mayor William R, Wild held its 2014 Earth Day Celebration Event on Earth Day, Tuesday, April 22, 2014 at the Norwayne Community Garden located at the northwest corner of Newaygo and Dorsey in the heart of our Historic Norwayne Community.  The event was sponsored by National Faith Homebuyers who be providing soil, tools and refreshments so that volunteers that include the Hegira Counseling Youth Spring Break group, the Westland Youth Assistance Program and Sts. Simon and Jude Youth Group could clean up winter debris, prepare beds by cleaning them and spreading fresh soil and straw, install rain barrels and plant perennials.

At this wonderful event, Mayor Wild highlighted the youth of our great All-American City and the contributions they make to Westland and the Historic Norwayne Community by presenting the coveted Mission:Green Eco-Award to National Faith Homebuyers, the Hegira Counseling Youth Spring Break Group, and Sts. Simon and Jude Youth Group for their work and dedication toward making Westland a greener place to live, work and play.

A fourth Mission:Green Eco-friendly Award was presented to North Brothers Ford who recently undertook a lighting retrofit project on their site.