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LED Lights 2015Mayor William R. Wild recently announced further DTE Energy street lighting improvements in Westland for Spring 2015 as part of its efforts to continue to improve energy efficiency. The project will only cost the City of Westland $ 29,688 after a $16,600 DTE Luminaire Credit and a $17,759 DTE Energy Optimization Rebate.  The cost will be paid out of the City’s Metro Act Fund.  DTE will convert 166 streetlight fixtures to LED fixtures and will convert series streetlight circuits to  multiple streetlight circuits along Wayne Road between Glenwood and Warren and between Central City Parkway and Parkgrove.  This project will save the City of Westland $23,136 annually with a projected payback of 1.2 years.

“The City of Westland is excited to partner with DTE Energy for this investment in our aging lighting infrastructure.  These improvements are much-needed and will address the safety concerns of our residents,” stated Mayor Wild.  The current street lights pose problems because when one street light goes out, other lights on the circuit can be affected.  The upgrades, to LED from mercury vapor, will ensure that when there is a problem with one street light, other lights on the circuit will continue to operate.  In addition, the new lights will be significantly more energy efficient.

Are you an owner of a FlexFuel vehicle?  If you are then you are trying to make a difference for our environment, but you also know how hard it is to locate a convenient service station that provides E-85 fuel near your Westland home.  We are proud to announce that there are now three services station in the City of Westland provide E-85 gas to Westland residents.  They include the Mobil station at the southeast corner of Ford Road and Hix Road, the Sunoco station at the northwest corner of Palmer and Merriman roads and the BP station at  the northeast corner of Warren road and Hix Road.  They all have an E-85 pump for those that utilize that type of fuel in their vehicle.  The first station to provide E-85 within the city’s boundaries is the Sunoco station at the northwest corner of Merriman Road and Palmer Road.  I’m sure there is more to follow.  Thank you to all three station owners  for providing this service to our sustainabale community.
The Westland Farmer’s Market returned for another successful season in 2015 running from May through October.  There were some changes, though, from the last year.  The Market was now located in the new Farmer’s Market at Central City Park. What a great new venue to showcase all the vendors.
farmers market 2014n
Keep an eye out on this page for the dates and times for the upcoming 2016 season.  Thanks to all who came out and took advantage if this wonderful amenity because what could be more “green” than buying fresh produce from local growers.
 If you are interested in being a vendor or know someone who might be interested, a vendor application can be downloaded at the City’s website

On January 26, 2011, Mayor Wild presented Mr. Jeffrey Spoon and Westland Colonial Village with the coveted Mission:Green Eco-Award. The award was presented to Mr. Spoon for installing the first electric vehicle charging station in Westland, also one of the first in the metro Detroit area.  

 Plenty of folks were on hand to help Mayor Wild celebrate this wonderful achievement including Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano, County Commissioner Joan Gebhardt and City Council member Adam Hammons.

 Everyone gathered in the clubhouse of the Westland Colonial Village Apartments located at 8181 N. Wayne Road for the award ceremony and then afterwards were gathered outside to witness the ribbon cutting and view the operation of the charging station on a brand new Chevy Volt electric vehicle brought to the site to see the Charge Point America in action.

Mayor Wild noted that Westland is a City that values being “green” and that installation of this electrical vehicle charging station is a continuation of Mission:Green’s goal of making Westland Michigan’s greenest City.


Mayor William R. Wild is pleased to announce that the City of Westland has been awarded the Honorable Mention City Livability Award by Waste Management, Inc. and the U.S. Conference of Mayors. The 2010 City Livability Awards Program awarded the City of Westland for its outstanding leadership in support of urban livability with its Play Planet play structure and H2O Zone spray ground.  The 20 award-winning cities were determined by an independent panel of judges, selected by the U.S. Conference of Mayors. The Conference of Mayors City Livability Program honors mayors and their city governments for developing programs that enhance the quality of life in urban areas. Established in 1979, the City Livability Awards are given annually to ten mayors and their cities; a first-place award and four Outstanding Achievement Awards for cities under 100,000 in population, and a first-place and four Outstanding Achievement Awards for cities of 100,000 or more inhabitants.

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