LED Lights 2015Mayor William R. Wild recently announced further DTE Energy street lighting improvements in Westland for Spring 2015 as part of its efforts to continue to improve energy efficiency. The project will only cost the City of Westland $ 29,688 after a $16,600 DTE Luminaire Credit and a $17,759 DTE Energy Optimization Rebate.  The cost will be paid out of the City’s Metro Act Fund.  DTE will convert 166 streetlight fixtures to LED fixtures and will convert series streetlight circuits to  multiple streetlight circuits along Wayne Road between Glenwood and Warren and between Central City Parkway and Parkgrove.  This project will save the City of Westland $23,136 annually with a projected payback of 1.2 years.

“The City of Westland is excited to partner with DTE Energy for this investment in our aging lighting infrastructure.  These improvements are much-needed and will address the safety concerns of our residents,” stated Mayor Wild.  The current street lights pose problems because when one street light goes out, other lights on the circuit can be affected.  The upgrades, to LED from mercury vapor, will ensure that when there is a problem with one street light, other lights on the circuit will continue to operate.  In addition, the new lights will be significantly more energy efficient.

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