Earth Day 2015

2015 Elliot

Mayor William R. Wild and the City of Westland held another successful event for Earth Day in 2015.   He was joined by Principal Andrea Griffin and the 16 “Tree Club” students recognized for their outstanding achievement in school who planted trees at Elliot Elementary school in honor of Earth Day 2015. Mayor Wild and the kids from Elliot were joined by a number of people including Mr. Paul Ruthenburg of Midwestern Sanitation who graciously donated a tree for planting.   Recognized for their achievements in making Westland a greener place to live work and play were this year’s recipients of the coveted Mission:Green Eco-Award; Principal Andrea Griffin and the Tree Club Students of Elliot Elementary, Paul Ruthenberg of Midwestern Sanitation and Miss Jamie Brotchner who was recognized for her unselfish recycling efforts at the local Starbucks. Thanks everyone for making this cold day a warm Earth Day celebration.


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