Mission: Green’s 2017 Earth Day celebration was a day to remember and an historic day for the City of Westland!!!

The celebration started with the presentation of three Eco-Awards to deserving citizens and companies for their efforts at making the City of Westland a greener place to live. work and play.  The first recipient was DTE Energy for their continued work with the City of Westland on the LED street light conversion program.  Phase I. was completed March 2nd, 2015, and included the conversion of 166 Mercury Vapor (MV) street light fixtures to LED on Wayne Rd. between Glenwood and Parkgrove. Total cost to city $29,688, annual savings $23, 136, payback time 1.2 years.  Phase II was completed August. 3rd. 2015, an included the conversion of 230 (MV) street light fixtures to LED on major roads throughout the city. Total cost to city $68,996 annual savings $38,516, payback time 1.8 years.  Phase III was completed June 6th. 2016, and included the conversion of 2,466 (MV) street light fixtures to LED on neighborhood streets throughout the city. Total cost to city $435,173, annual savings $260,364, payback time 1.7 years.  The total project cost ( all 3 phase ) equaled $533,857, was funded thru the Metro Act fund. Pay back time for all three phases is approximately 1.6 years.  The second recipient was Westland’s own State representative Robert Kosowski.  he was presented the award by Mayor Wild for his work at securing a $150,000 grant from the Department of Natural Resources for the JBCVC recreation complex which included a new pavilion, full-sized basketball court and two baseball fields.  HE also secured a $100,000 grant from the Michigan Economic Development corporation for the Lincoln Filed recreation complex which will include a walking path and pavilion. Completion of this project will be in September of 2017.  The third recipient was David Miler, CEO of Duo-Gard, the company that provided the state-of-the-art electrical vehicle charging station here at our new City Hall.   Thank you to this year’s Mission:Green Eco-Award recipients for all you do for the city of Westland’s future.




The next portion of the celebration was the introduction of a brand new Mission: Green initiative, a new Street Tree Replacement Program designed to combat the devastation created within the City’s street tree population by the recent Emerald Ash Borer plague. Under this new initiative, City of Westland residents will be offered the ability to purchase one new street tree for the nominal price of $95.00.  This price includes a choice of one of a few varieties of trees, including a Bradford Pear, Autumn Blaze Maple, Red Sunset Maple, etc.  Trees will be standard landscape stock at a size of two inches (2″) in diameter and will be approximately 15 feet tall.  The $95.00 price includes installation of the tree along with a one year warranty.  The tree, its installation and warranty will be provided by the contractor chosen through the bid process by the Westland City Council and will be subsidized by the City’s Tree Fund, money obtained through property development process, which is then required to be planted on public property.  Priority will be given to those residents that lost street trees due to the Emerald Ash Borer plague.  Additional details regarding the program’s implementation will be forthcoming. If you have any further questions please contact the Building and Planning Department at the number listed above.   Any citizen may go to the City of Westland’s website, and sign up today.

The last phase of the 2017 Earth Day Celebration was the burying of the new City of Westland time capsule to be opened in 2066.     Mayor Wild was joined by many dignitaries and Westland residents, including the Westland Historic Commission and its President, Jeff Koslowski for this historic occasion.  As part of the City’s 50 year Anniversary celebrations, the old Time Capsule buried in 1966 was unearthed and its contents put on display at City Hall.  Many people and groups contributed many items for the new Time Capsule set to be open in the year 2066.


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