In September 2014, history was made in the City of Westland, when the new Westland City Hall opened up at 36300 Warren Road.  A long vacant retail building located in the heart of Westland’s Shop and Dine District was transformed into the building and site you see in the picture above.  Westland’s TIFA district funded the project which resulted in the consolidation of all of the City Departments under one roof.  Many changes were made to the existing building to make it the new state-of-the art facility that it is today.  None were more important than the changes that were implemented to make it a more environmentally friendly building and site.  Environmentally conscious upgrades include the extensive use of LED lights in the building interior as well as the extensive use of natural lighting throughout the building to reduce the amount of electricity used, lowering the carbon footprint of the City. High efficiency boilers and HVAC units were installed and motion-sensor light switches were utilized throughout the building so that lights are off when rooms are not in use.  Attention was paid to encouraging the reduction of paper throughout the building, in the bathrooms, as an example, with the use of hand dryers instead of towel dispensers.  State-of-the-art electronics have been installed by our IT department throughout the new building with over 13 miles of wires and cable to ensure the use of the most energy efficient and upgradable technology.

All of these items, and more, were designed and installed to ensure the long-term viability of the building and to make the City Hall as environmentally friendly as possible given the constraints of retrofitting an old building.  The citizens of Westland can be proud of the green components of the new City Hall, all designed to reduce the city’s carbon footprint with the same goals in mind as any other Mission:Green project, making the City of Westland a greener place to live, work and play.


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