Nothing is more important to the future of Westland than its children. They are the legacy we leave. The future of the City of Westland as a sustainable community depends on the ability of Westland citizens to teach its children how to act in an environmentally friendly way.

There are so many things for children to learn and so many places for them to visit on the web to learn about all of the wonderful things they can do to create a sustainable Westland.

Here are just a few:


And here is one recently provided to Mission Green from a fifth grader who has been working diligently on ideas for gardening composting and going green in your own backyard.

Thanks Sarah Matthews!!!  Keep up the good work, making Westland a greener place to live work and play!


Another great site from a Westland student, Elliot Phillips, who has been working on “Go Green” project for his school environmental club.  Glad our page is helpful.  Check this one out kids.