At the 2016 Earth Day Celebration Mayor Wild announced the City’s involvement in a new program, the Mayor’s Monarch Pledge, created to involve local municipalities such as Westland as leaders in the creation of Monarch Butterfly habitat. The monarch butterfly is an American icon that has captured the imagination of millions of Americans.  Due to loss of habitat, their numbers are dwindling.  Mayor Wild joined the Pledge, has worked with local agencies and community gardens to create additional Monarch habitat. and so can you.

The Pledge requires creation of butterfly gardens on City property.  Two new gardens have been created; one at the Jefferson Barns Community Vitality Center (the City of Westland Monarch Butterfly Refuge) and the other at the Westland Senior Center.

Here is the link to a flyer that outlines the things that you can do at your home or business to create additional Monarch butterfly gardens to bring their numbers back.  New Flyer  Creating an education program including this flyer which will be printed and distributed at future City events such Blues, Brews and BBQ, the Westland Farmer’s Market, Mayor Wild’s Community Gatherings and many other events. The flyer will also be made available at all City buildings to pass along the word to create Monarch habitat.

Creating a proclamation is one of the items that a City can do for the Pledge.  Here is a link to the Mayor’s Monarch Pledge Proclamation that Mayor Wild read at the 2016 Earth Day Celebration.  Monarch Pledge Proclamation

Other action items that have been include:

Working with and educating local community gardens to create Monarch Butterfly habitat and to add milkweed to these community gardens.  Mission: Green was fortunate enough to be able to procure 32 milkweeds plants from the Monarch Watch – University of Kansas to distribute to the community gardens and new butterfly gardens in the City.  They were distributed on May 5, 2106 to the DTE Energy Community Garden, the Norwayne Community Garden, the City of Westland Monarch Butterfly Refuge at the JBCVC and the Butterfly Garden at the City of Westland Frienship Senior Center.


Free Milkweed DTE


Free Milkweed Norwayne Laura (1) Free Milkweed DTE Community Garden Free Milkweed Norwayne Community Garden Free Milkweed Jefferson Barnes Free Milkweed Senior Center




















Thanks community and butterfly gardeners for becoming part of the City of Westland Mayor’s Monarch Pledge!!!  There is more to come.





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