Westland_Mission_Green_with_website Since its start in the Spring of 2009, Mission:Green has recognized “green’ leaders in our All-American City who have taken steps toward making Westland a more sustainable community.  The awards recognize commercial partners, residential developments and individual homeowners who have taken positive environmental steps and made investments in their properties and this community.

Earth Day 2009 At our first Mission:Green Earth Day Celebration, Mayor Wild presented our first Mission:Green Eco-Award to the Westland Shopping Center for their “Thinking Green” initiative. The mall installed hand dryers in an effort to save paper towel and reduce landfill space and began recycling old corrugated cardboard, which is anticipated to save 4,216 trees annually. In addition, sod was removed outdoors in certain areas, a move that will minimize water usage. Finally, Westland Shopping Center began saving 69,904 kilowatt hours of electricity simply by changing to compact fluorescent lamps.


Earth Day 2010 Our second annual Mission:Green Earth Day Celebration was held at the site of the new DTE Energy Community Garden at the DTE Training Facility on Cherry Hill Road, west of Newburgh.  At this wonderful event, a number of Eco-Awards were presented.


Westland City Council and  Mayor William R Wild

WildGodbout eco







An award was presented to Mayor Wild and the Westland City Council President Jim Godbout for their work and leadership that resulted in our state-of-the-art single-stream curbside recycling program.


DTE Energy and Gleaner’s Community Foodbank

eco business gleaners






An Eco-Award was presented to each of our two partners in the Westland DTE Energy Community Garden; DTE Energy, the sponsor of this wonderful community garden and Gleaner’s Community Foodbank, the recipient of the produce which is distributed to the needy throughout Metro Detroit.

Barson’s Greenhouse

BArsons Eco  






An Eco-Award was presented to one of our local businesses, Barson’s Greenhouse for their efforts in providing seedlings for Project S.N.A.P., a program held at the library that resulted in seedlings being planted by children and families that were used in the community  garden.


The DeLuka Family

Eco residential




A special Eco-Award was presented to Michael and Melissa DeLuka of Berry Street in Westland for their efforts at making Westland a greener community.  They recently installed state-of-the-art solar panel system on their home with the goal of eliminating their electric bills altogether, while at the same time lowering their carbon footprint.   Kelly Lawrence Bates  A special eco-Award was presented to one of Mission:Green’s longest-standing and hardest working members Kelly Lawrence Bates for all the work she does to make the City of Westland a greener place to live, work and play.   A special thanks to Kelly!


January 2011

chrge station






On January 26, 2011, Mayor Wild presented Westland Colonial Village with the Mission:Green Eco-Award, presented to the owner Mr. Jeffrey Spoon for installing the first electric vehicle charging station in Westland, also one of the first on the metro Detroit area.  


September 2011









On September 28, 2011, Mayor William R. Wild and the City of Westland hosted a ribbon-cutting event and presented the owner of the Sunoco service station at the northwest corner of Merriman Road and Palmer Road with the Mission:Green Eco-Award.  The award was given to recognize the Merriman/Palmer Sunoco and its owner Adam Aslam for being the first service station within the City’s boundaries to sell E-85 gasoline.



January 2012 Green Leadership Award Presented to Senator Carl Levin 

levin leadership award pic 








On January 13, 2012, surrounded by Mayor Wild and members of the Westland City Council, the Green Leadership Award was presented to Senator Carl Levin during a visit to the Westland Colonial Village Apartments, the first location in metro Detroit to install an electric vehicle charging station in January of 2011.


Earth Day April 22, 2013 On April 22, 2013 Mayor Wild and the City of Westland celebrated Earth Day 2013 at the City of Westland Recycling Center at 37137 Marquette.  The event was held to kick-off Phase II of the City of Westland Recycling Center; recycling for those residents of multi-family developments including apartments and attached condominiums.  Mission:Green Eco-Awards were presented to  the Norwayne Community Garden, Westland DTE Energy Community Garden, and Mr. Joe Chedadi of the Mobil Station at Ford and Hix Roads for providing E-85 gasoline.


Earth Day April 22, 2014


earth Day 2014








On Earth Day, April 22, 2104, Mayor Wild highlighted the youth of our great All-American City and the contributions they make to Westland and the Historic Norwayne Community by presenting the coveted Mission:Green Eco-Award to National Faith Homebuyers, the Hegira Counseling Youth Spring Break Group, and Sts. Simon and Jude Youth Group for their work and dedication toward making Westland a greener place to live, work and play. A fourth Mission:Green Eco-friendly Award was presented to North Brothers Ford who recently undertook a lighting retrofit project on their site.






November 2014 Mission:Green Eco-Friendly Award to Westland Police Department

E-85 Warren Newb 








On November 25, 2014, Mayor Wild and City Council President Pro-Tem Adam Hammons, along with members of the City administration presented Police Chief Jeff Jedrusik and the City of Westland Police Department the Mission:Green Eco-Friendly Award for its new E-85 fleet of vehicles.  A new Ford explorer and Ford Taurus were there for everyone to see.  Special thanks to Mr. Steven Hamade, owner of the BP Station at Warren Road and Newburgh Road, who received recognition from Mayor Wild for offering the eco-friendly E-85 fuel her in the All American City.

Earth Day 2015

On April 22, 2015 Mayor Wild partnered with the Superintendent Dr. Harmala of the Wayne-Westland Schools to celebrate Earth Day with the kids from Elliot Elementary. The “tree Club” kids, along with Elliot school Principal, Andrea Griffin planted trees at the front of the school in honor of Earth Day, making our All American City a greener place to learn.   Three Eco-Award were presented.

Elliot Elementary School

2015 Elliot

An Eco-Award was presented to the children of Elliot Elementary for their contribution to the  greening of Westland.

Midwestern Sanitation

2015 Ruthenberg

An Eco-Award was presented to Mr. Paul Ruthenberg, owner of Midwestern Sanitation for providing one of the trees planted by the students of Elliot Elementary.

Miss Jamie Brotchner

2015 brotchner

A special Eco-Award was presented to Jamie Brotchner of the local Starbucks, for her outstanding recycling efforts.

Earth Day Celebration 2016

On April 22, 2016 the City of Westland held a wonderful Earth Day celebration of highlight the new green space being created for ball diamonds at the JBCVC and to highlight the new butterfly garden in the library courtyard honoring the Mayor’s Monarch Pledge taken by Mayor Wild.

Wayne Metro Community Agency

An Eco-Award was presented to Annette Kutnick and Dianne Richards and the CEO of Wayne Metro Agency for the wonderful butterfly garden planted at the city’s JBCVC.

Earth Day 1 (7)

Simple Recycling – Scott Brady

An Eco-Award was presented to Mr. Scott Brady of Simple recycling for their curbside recycling program partnership with the City of Westland.

Earth Day 1 (4)

Rick Gowan

An Eco-Award was presented to Mr. Rick Gowan, Deputy Director of the City of Westland Community Development and Housing Department for his tireless efforts at recycling various items from city buildings for the rehabilitation and remodeling of the Jefferson Barns Community Vitality Center.

Earth Day 1 (6)

Earth Day 2017

The first recipient of the coveted Eco-Award on Earth Day2017  was DTE Energy for their continued work with the City of Westland on the LED street light conversion program.  Phase I. was completed March 2nd, 2015, and included the conversion of 166 Mercury Vapor (MV) street light fixtures to LED on Wayne Rd. between Glenwood and Parkgrove. Total cost to city $29,688, annual savings $23, 136, payback time 1.2 years.  Phase II was completed August. 3rd. 2015, an included the conversion of 230 (MV) street light fixtures to LED on major roads throughout the city. Total cost to city $68,996 annual savings $38,516, payback time 1.8 years.  Phase III was completed June 6th. 2016, and included the conversion of 2,466 (MV) street light fixtures to LED on neighborhood streets throughout the city. Total cost to city $435,173, annual savings $260,364, payback time 1.7 years.  The total project cost ( all 3 phase ) equaled $533,857, was funded thru the Metro Act fund. Pay back time for all three phases is approximately 1.6 years.  The second recipient was Westland’s own State representative Robert Kosowski.  he was presented the award by Mayor Wild for his work at securing a $150,000 grant from the Department of Natural Resources for the JBCVC recreation complex which included a new pavilion, full-sized basketball court and two baseball fields.  HE also secured a $100,000 grant from the Michigan Economic Development corporation for the Lincoln Filed recreation complex which will include a walking path and pavilion. Completion of this project will be in September of 2017.  The third recipient was David Miler, CEO of Duo-Gard, the company that provided the state-of-the-art electrical vehicle charging station here at our new City Hall.   Thank you to this year’s Mission:Green Eco-Award recipients for all you do for the city of Westland’s future.