Curbside Recycling in Westland

 Recycle Bin1


Since its inception in June of 2009, Mayor Wild’s residential curbside recycling program continues to be a nationwide leader in municipal recycling with over 80% participation. The program provides single-stream recycling for all single-family homeowners in the City of Westland.  What does single-stream recycling mean?   It means there is no sorting. Everything goes into one can.  Your recycling is picked up every other week on the same date as your regular trash pick up.

Here is a link to the the Recycling Route Map. The City is split up into two parts (A & B):

and here is the Recycle Calendar link:

As mentioned above, the sytem is a single-stream recycling system which allows you to throw all of your recyclables into one blue bin.  But don’t throw trash in your bin or it won’t get picked up.


Don’t forget.  For those that don’t yet have curbside service, the Recyling Center at the rear of the DPS building on Marquette is still open. Visit the Westland DPS webpage for more information.



Christmas Tree Recycling Program

xmas tree 2013 2The City of Westland’s Christmas Tree Recycling Program is back for its fifth year for 2015-16.


Space is provided for City of Westland residents to drop off their Christmas trees at the City of Westland Recycling Center located at the rear of the DPS building located at 37137 Marquette through the third week of January 2016.  All trees received will be chipped and will be recycled for use at the City of Westland DTE Community Garden and other locations.

City of Westland Recycling Center

The Recycling Center, located behind the DPS building (37137 Marquette), is open all year for Westland residents only. A new, more streamlined way to recycle is now being provided.  There are no longer separate bins for paper, plastics, metals and cardboard.  There is now one large compactor that provides single-stream recycling just like our successful residential curbside recycling.   Used motor oil, scrap metal, tires, tires on wheels, antifreeze, computers, and batteries still ahve designated areas for drop-off. No yard, medical or hazardous waste is accepted at the Center. For hazardous waste disposal, contact the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) at (800) 662-9278 or the Central Wayne Sanitation Authority at (313) 292-8877.  Recycleables may be dropped off during regular hours of operation, Monday through Saturday, 9-5.